Immigration court fees to rise

There are new proposals for increase of already high court fees which should help the Ministry of Justice scoop additional £48 million. Whilst some fees in commercial matters might be justifiable, the proposal to double the court fees in immigration and asylum matters and uplift of 10% on other civil cases may not be motivated solely by the need to generate additional revenue.

Michael Gove's solution for legal aid cuts

The new Secretary of State for Justice has come up with a plan to plug the hole created by the savage cuts introduced by his predecessor. He criticised the UK top firms for not doing enough pro bono work. The Secretary of State appears to have overlooked that the City lawyers already contribute significantly with pro bono work, but they also work long hours and have very demanding jobs. Critics have mentioned that commercial lawyers lack skills to replace legal aid colleagues. Mr Gove's idea was compared to a proposal that doctors should fund the NHS or train drivers financing the train service.

Parole Board reviews

What is the purpose of the pre-tariff Parole Board review? How does it work? And probably most importantly, what is and what is not funded? One of our volunteers, Ms Harriet Gilchrist,in her article published in Inside Time explains some aspects of the parole process.


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